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360° customer and session visibility

Filter and search users by any customer or device attributes.

Network link analysis maps users sharing devices, or IP addresses.

Quickly review case summary with customer details, executed and triggered rules, social profile, and geo location.

360 degree customer
Easy use

Easy to use case management

Granular ability to block current and future users by specific attribute such as phone number, email address, or device IP.

Supports case batch review and assignment. Queue up users and transactions for post-hoc analysis.

Easily approve or block users, and return funds for all pending transactions to originating bank account.

Powerful no-code rule builder

Create custom rules based on any customer, device or transaction attribute

Rules execute in 100’s of milliseconds, so you can take actions on rules in near real-time.

Back-test rules in “shadow mode” before deploying to production, to eliminate false positives.

powerful no-code

Move money fast, without risk.