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Protect every customer interaction from financial crime. Banks, retailers, and fintechs use Sardine to detect fraud patterns, prevent money laundering, and stop sophisticated scams.

A full suite of fraud and compliance products

Reduce fraud rates, decrease false positives, and streamline risk operations with our fully integrated suite of products. Use Sardine for customer due diligence, fraud prevention, risk scoring, investigations, transaction monitoring, and case management.

Device and Behavior

Capture deep device intelligence and behavior biometrics for every customer touchpoint and interaction on your website or app.

Identity Fraud

Stop fraudsters from hiding their true identity. Prevent fake account sign ups. Detect synthetic and stolen IDs. Block bot attacks and click fraud.

Account Takeover

Prevent unauthorized access to customer accounts. Stop the use of stolen credentials. Detect social engineering schemes like romance scams, fake financial advisors, and voice cloning attacks.

Payment Fraud

Prevent fraudulent online payments, account funding, and transfers. Protect users from APP fraud, block stolen payment credentials, and decline transactions likely to result in ACH returns or chargebacks.

Issuing Fraud

Stop card cloning attacks, prevent unauthorized Card-Not-Present (CNP) and Card Present (CP) transactions, and ingest risk scores in real-time for authorization decisions.

Chargeback Guarantee

Reduce fraudulent chargebacks while maximizing approval rates. Sardine takes on the liability, handles risk decisioning, and manages disputes on your behalf.


Perform customer due diligence (CDD), global watchlist screening, and document verification all in one platform. Support flexible onboarding flows that route users down streamlined paths or step-up verifications.

Anti-Money Laundering

Centralize your compliance operations in one dashboard. Configure real-time and batch transaction monitoring rules. Investigate suspicious activity, streamline SAR/UAR filings, and automate case management.

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“I have proven on multiple occasions that Sardine outperforms any other vendor they go up against.”

All the signals you need to detect fraud

We monitor every customer interaction for smart signals that may indicate fraud. Then we combine that with data from 35+ providers to give you the most precise risk score.

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Behavior Biometrics

Typing speed, mouse movement, scrolling and swiping patterns, hesitation and distraction events, stressed behavior, and context switching.

Device Intelligence

Device and browser fingerprints, True IP and location, emulators, tampered apps, remote access tools (RATs), Proxy piercing, VPN detection, bots, and device farms.

Identity Signals

Social Security Number (SSN), phone carrier, name matching, line tenure, port status events, domain reputation, email lifespan, IP address associations, and social profile.

Transaction Data

Bank identity and transaction history, counterparty risk, merchant identity, partial card number to name matching, BIN lists, Early Warning Systems, and SardineX consortium.


Meeting the demand for safer, faster payments

Accept more customers while keeping fraud rates and transaction fees low. Fund accounts instantly and let Sardine handle the risk.

Instant ACH

Offer your customers immediate access to funds, higher transaction limits, and lower fees. Sardine takes on the settlement risk and provides liquidity to enable Instant ACH transfers.

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Account Funding

Offer users the easiest way to fund or top-up their digital wallets. Make funds available for immediate use so customers can start transacting on your platform sooner.

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A team of fraud experts at your fingertips

Hire a team of world-class fraud and compliance experts with one easy integration. Sardine works with you to increase performance, fine tune rules, and improve your fraud metrics.

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Dedicated account manager with 24-7 support

Build and evaluate fraud and compliance rules

Optimize rule precision and model performance

Work together to detect emerging fraud typologies

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