Device and Behavior

Device + Behavior signals in one API

Sardine combines device intelligence and behavior biometrics into one easy to integrate SDK. Analyze every customer touch- point and interaction for suspicious activity to catch more fraud, and prevent scams in progress.

The smartest signals for tackling complex fraud

Sardine continuously monitors thousands of signals to predict the likelihood of a scam in progress, or when a transaction is likely to result in a chargeback or ACH return.

Catch the earliest signs of fraud

Detect suspicious device IDs, browser user-agents, and mismatches in true vs. stated time zones, operating systems, geolocation, and IP addresses.

We know fraudsters’ signature moves

Catch irregularities in user typing speed, mouse movements, scrolling and swiping patterns, context switching, hesitation and distraction events, and signs of unusual behavior.

Stay ahead of evolving threats

Prevent mobile emulators, remote access tools (RATs), tampered apps, VPN/Proxy usage, session hijacking, jail-broken phones, man-in-middle attacks, and bots.

Stop the growing threat of social engineering scams

Sardine specializes in managing extreme risk and preventing modern scams and account takeovers (ATO). Our tools are designed to stop these threats before they happen.

Stop scams in progress

Monitor for remote access tools (RATs), screenshots, and active calls during customer sessions. Flag large transfers sent to unknown and blocklisted accounts.

Recognize fishy behavior

Detect irregular typing speed, navigation patterns, and number of distraction events to catch fraudsters in the act.

Neutralize automated attacks

Track data transfer rates, source and destination IPs, or automated clicking patterns that can suggest the threat of malware or bot activity.

Unravel criminal networks

Identify potential fraud rings linked to scams. Use our network graph to explore suspicious relationships between users, devices, accounts, and IP addresses.

Reduce customer drop offs caused by unnecessary friction

Device and Behavior captures a lot of information about the user and session in the background, without impacting the customer experience in any way.

Capture more revenue

Avoid overly conservative rulesets that stop genuine transactions from going through.

Reduce cart abandonment

Verify trusted users and assess risk in the background without adding steps to your checkout.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Catch fraud without running unnecessary security checks (OTP, 2FA) that add friction.

Increase customer loyalty

Offer higher funding and purchase limits for trusted users, and increase average order value.

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