Identity fraud

Stop fraudsters from hiding their true identity

Identify who is creating accounts, logging in, and transacting on your platform. Recognize your most trusted users, provide them with a better experience, and protect them from scams.

Detect when scammers are impersonating your users

Stop identity and device obfuscation

Prevent fraudsters from masking their true device and identity. Spot the use of synthetic or stolen IDs, mobile emulators, virtual machines, and GenAI impersonation.

Catch fishy and bot-like behavior

Prevent potential bot attacks and account takeovers by detecting expert mouse movements, repetitive actions, and sudden changes in account settings.

Analyze suspicious relationships

Use our network graph and investigative tools to find duplicate accounts, connections to fraud rings, and users with a known history of fraudulent chargebacks.

Trigger additional verifications

Route users through step up flows that require document verification, selfie-likeness, or enhanced due diligence (EDD) when the risk of identity fraud is high.

Use one comprehensive platform for identity verification

Thorough customer identification

Perform customer due diligence (CDD) and enhanced due diligence (EDD), including KYC, KYB, document verification, behavior biometrics, and ongoing monitoring.

All your data in one interface

Access data from 35+ integrated providers including phone, email, SSN, telco, and banking transaction data. A/B tested for data coverage, performance, and quality.

Stop risky users from onboarding

Screen and continuously monitor users for global watchlist hits that cover sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), and Adverse Media.

Assess risk exposure in real-time

Directly query our network of users, devices, entities, and counterparties to assess transaction risk in real-time.

Fast track trusted users and approve more genuine transactions

Increase new user signups

Eliminate friction when a genuine user is trying to sign up, log in, or complete an action in your app.

Skip unnecessary checks

Filter out fraud without additional security checks (OTP, 2FA) that interrupt a user’s flow.

Don’t turn away good customers

Avoid overly conservative rulesets to capture more revenue without incurring additional fraud.

Increase customer loyalty

Offer higher funding and purchase limits for trusted users, and increase average order value.

Comprehensive signals for accurate user identification


Device identifiers, browser-user agents, cell towers, IP addresses, geolocation, TLS identifiers, visit history, screen resolution, and more.


Typing speed, mouse movement and swiping patterns, behavior score, record and replay, age prediction, and same user scores.


IP geolocation, timezone mismatch, Proxy/VPN usage, true IP address, New “cell tower” IP, and active calls.


Type, carrier, name matching, phone line tenure,  change events such as ports, snap-backs, win-backs, disconnects, and number changers.


Activity, status, domain score, identity association, lifespan, reported fraud, IP address association, and social profile.


Partial card number to name matching, BIN lists, and Apple Pay DAN to card mapping.


Transaction history, merchant identity, and counterparty risk insights including EWS data.


On-chain signals, cross-bank account data, wallet age, balance, holdings, and wallet activity.


Access to SardineX risk data from our network of banks, fintechs, merchants, and processors.

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