AML Compliance

A powerful platform for AML compliance

Stop criminals from exploiting your platform. Sardine analyzes transactions, customer profiles, historical activity, and behavior patterns to prevent money laundering and financial crime.

Centralize your compliance operations in one dashboard

Manage your customer identification program, AML monitoring, case management and reporting from a single interface.

Customer Identification Program

Perform Customer Due Diligence (CDD) with support for Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD). Includes KYC, KYB, Global Watchlist Screening, and Document Verification.

AML Transaction Monitoring

Support for both real-time and batch transaction monitoring. Pre-built rulesets with 500+ rules to detect money laundering activities.

Case Management

Route cases for reviews, manage alert queues, automate risk decisions, and streamline activity reporting with custom templates.

Portfolio Management

Manage multiple levels of sub-accounts for better control and risk oversight. Enforce KYC and transaction monitoring policies, configure rules, and access granular analytics.

Streamline and automate case management

Continuous activity monitoring

Support for real-time and batch alerts, analyst queues, granular user roles, and collaborative investigations with audit trails.

Suspicious activity reporting

Link suspicious entities or relevant transactions to cases, and prepare Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) and Unusual Activity Reports (UAR) in one click.

Simplify regulatory filings

Custom templates for SARs and UARs, FinCEN and goAML filing, and Requests for Information (RFIs).

AI-assisted case management

Tap Finley, our GenAI copilot to quickly review cases, manage Reg E disputes, and write SAR narratives.

“By unmasking the user behind the device, you can catch more criminal activity and reduce false positives. Sardine outperforms traditional compliance tools because we understand the user’s true identity and intent."

We detect fraudsters by their signature moves

Our advanced signal detection analyzes thousands of device and behavior signals in real-time to stop sophisticated scams before they wreak havoc for you and your customers.

Coordinated criminal rings

Bot attacks, mobile device farms, malware, phishing websites, tampered apps, and collusion.

Social engineering scams

Investment advisor, romance, pig butchering, fake tech support, and Remote Access Tools (RATs).

Identity fraud

Stolen and synthetic identities, payment credentials, digital replays, masks, and deep fakes.

Device obfuscation

Mobile emulators, virtual machines, rooted devices, proxy, VPN, cloned sim cards.

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