Chargeback Guarantee

Less chargebacks, higher conversions

Approve more legitimate transactions while keeping your fraud rates low. Let Sardine take on the liability, handle all of the heavy lifting, and cover any costs.

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Approve more customers, keep fraud rates low

Sardine identifies fraudulent transactions without blocking legitimate ones from going through. Our highly accurate risk scoring translates into fewer false positives and more revenue for your business.

Lower the operational cost of fraud prevention

Not only do we help reduce fraudulent chargebacks and improve conversions, we also partner closely with your team to reduce the overhead of fighting fraud.

Let us handle the fraud detection, risk decisioning, and dispute management on your behalf, so you can focus on growing your business.

Keep fraud costs predictable and stable

Variable fraud costs make forecasting difficult. Sardine’s guaranteed performance keeps your fraud costs predictable, while reducing your overall risk exposure.

How Chargeback Guarantee works


Merchant submits card transaction information to Sardine via API


Sardine evaluates the transaction in real-time and returns a guaranteed risk decision.


Merchant shares authorization and settlement feedback via API to optimize performance.


Sardine handles the dispute, evidence preparation, and merchant reimbursement.

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