Smart KYC + KYB to stop criminals at the gate

Deep customer due diligence that incorporates device and behavior signals with identity verification to stop fraudulent users during onboarding.

Customize onboarding based on each user's risk profile

Sardine includes pre-built rulesets with hundreds of granular CIP rules and advanced fraud signal detection to make your compliance checks more effective.

Flexible KYC/KYB paths

Support custom waterfall onboarding flows that route users based on their initial risk level.

Hundreds of pre-built rules

Use our rulesets or build your own custom rules with our easy to use, no-code rule editor.

Step-up verifications

Trigger Enhanced Due Diligence, selfie liveness checks, or additional verification steps.

Advanced risk decisioning

Automatically approve, decline, or escalate users for manual review based on your risk profile.

Document verification with selfie liveness detection

Extract information from Drivers Licenses, ID cards, Passports in real-time (<20 sec)

Verify documents are real and up-to-date. Access multiple government databases for additional verification.

Support selfie verification with liveness detection that detects digital replays, prints, masks, and deep fakes.

Global watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring

We actively screen and monitor your clients against official watchlists like OFAC, PEP, SDN, and Adverse Media.

Set advanced thresholds to ensure accuracy and reduce false positives. Only review genuine matches.

Enroll users for ongoing monitoring and receive real-time alerts if an existing customer gets added to a watchlist.

Business verification and screening

Perform Secretary of State Searches, EIN/TIN verifications, Watchlist Screening, and Address Analysis on businesses and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO).

Set custom risk thresholds and automate onboarding for businesses with permissible risk profiles.

Review flagged businesses, manage case-related communication, and prioritize case handling according to risk level, urgency, or other factors.

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