Issuing Fraud

Protection against issuing fraud

Combat issuing risk with a comprehensive suite of tools and the most advanced signals to detect fraud.

Defend against the various types of issuing fraud

Stolen Cards

Identify signs of stolen card usage, such as sudden spikes in transaction volume or geographically inconsistent transactions.

Gift Card Fraud

Spot rapid balance depletion or multiple gift card activations, indicating possible fraud.

Friendly Fraud

Detect if the cardholder's relative is using a card instead of the cardholder – based on Sardine behavior signals on how someone holds the phone.

Card Cloning

Use anomaly detection to identify potentially fraudulent merchants where a card skimmer has been installed.

Card Testing

Stop carding attacks by picking up on patterns related to card testing, like numerous small transactions followed by larger purchases.

Account Linking

Monitor for unusual linking of multiple cards to a single account, suggesting potential misuse or aggregation for fraudulent activities.

Fraud detection toolbox for card issuers

Analyze transactions for signs of fraud, detect anomalous cardholder activity, and improve risk decisions with our suite of fraud detection tools.

Real-time risk scoring

Evaluate each transaction in milliseconds to score the likelihood of fraud at the time of authorization.

Pre-built rulesets

Sardine comes bundled with hundreds of rules that are built on top of our feature store of over 4,000 expert fraud detection features.

Machine learning

Trained across billions of sessions, our models are tuned to high-ranking signals such as large foreign transactions, high velocity card spending, geolocation mismatches, and more.

Anomaly detection

Receive alerts when irregularities and sudden behavior changes are detected, such as spikes in transaction velocity or an unusual Card-Not-Present activity.

Utilizing the most advanced signals to stop fraud

We combine thousands of device, behavior, identity, and consortium signals to stop the most challenging fraud typologies.

Stolen card usage

Triangulate stated vs true device location with merchant location to detect signs of card theft.

Friendly fraud

Analyze device handling patterns and typing rhythm to detect when a relative may be trying to make a purchase.

Unauthorized transactions

Use data from Sardine’s network of profiled users and devices to identify users linked to fraudulent activity.

An easier way to run fully compliant card programs

Manage your customer identification program, AML monitoring, case management and reporting from a single interface.

Customer Identification Program

Perform Customer Due Diligence (CDD) with support for Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD). Includes KYC, KYB, Global Watchlist Screening, and Document Verification.

AML Transaction Monitoring

Support for both real-time and batch transaction monitoring. Pre-built rulesets with 500+ rules to detect money laundering activities.

Case Management

Route cases for reviews, manage alert queues, automate risk decisions, and streamline activity reporting with custom templates.

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