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When it comes to fraud, offense is the best defense. Our mission is to build the tools that enable you to detect, intercept, and stop fraudsters before they can make a move.


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I'm a data scientist and have spent decades combating fraud using machine learning. The first time I witnessed over a million dollars lost to identity fraud, I knew I needed to start Sardine.

All fraud problems are data problems, and those losses could’ve been avoided with the right data.

But finding the right data is hard when you’re dealing with dozens of siloed data providers. You don’t have time to sift through so many different dashboards when fraudsters are attacking your system. You need all of your tools and data working together in one place.

So we built Sardine, to capture the most relevant signals, highest performing data providers, and apply cutting edge machine learning to make it easy to understand the risk behind every login, sign up, or transaction.

Built by the fraud squad for the fraud squad, this is the platform I wished I had when I was at Coinbase and Revolut.

I’d love to connect with you to see if we can help.

Soups Ranjan
Founder, CEO

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We’ve raised $75 million from some of the world’s most respected investors

“Sardine’s fraud-fighting technology helps companies move money fast and without risk. Their rapid growth is a testament to the criticality and strength of their offering.”
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