Payment Fraud

Lower Card and ACH payment fraud

Identify stolen cards and compromised accounts to stop fraudulent payments and suspicious withdrawals or deposits – without blocking legitimate transactions.

Defend against the various types of payment fraud

ACH Kiting

Detect unusual, rapid sequences of ACH debits and credits across multiple accounts that may indicate fraudsters are manipulating float times.

Money Mule

Monitor for signs of money muling, such as receiving large or frequent deposits and then transferring those funds to unrelated external accounts.

Stolen Card

Identify signs of stolen card usage, such as sudden spikes in transaction volume or geographically inconsistent transactions.

Card Cloning

Spot signals that indicate a card has been cloned, such as identical card details used for multiple in-person transactions in quick succession.

Card Testing

Stop carding attacks by picking up on patterns related to card testing, like numerous small transactions followed by larger purchases.

APP Scams

Detect abnormal user activity during mobile app transactions, such as inconsistent device signatures or erratic transaction patterns.

Use cases

ACH bank fraud

Through a combination of device and transaction based rules and Sardine’s ACH fraud model, Sardine has been able to reduce unauthorized ACH return rates by 80%.

Predict the likelihood of NSF returns (R01)

Prevent unauthorized ACH returns (R05, R07, R10, R11, R29)

Stay within NACHA return thresholds

Stop duplicate account creation fraud

Use cases

Card fraud

Our card fraud model analyzes thousands of signals to block fraudulent transactions. We help you minimize fraud while maximizing your acceptance rates.

Identify stolen card usage and card testing scenarios

Prevent friendly fraud and fraudulent chargebacks

Stop card cloning and skimming attemps

Flag anomalous transaction patterns linked to card fraud

Advanced Device and Behavior signals

We detect the most sophisticated threats and fraud patterns to keep your system and customers safe from automated attacks and social engineering scams.

Explore Device and Behavior ->
Coordinated criminal rings

Bot attacks, mobile device farms, malware, phishing websites, tampered apps, and collusion.

Social engineering scams

Investment advisor, romance, pig butchering, fake tech support, and Remote Access Tools (RATs).

Identity fraud

Stolen and synthetic identities, payment credentials, digital replays, masks, and deep fakes.

Device obfuscation

Mobile emulators, virtual machines, rooted devices, proxy, VPN, cloned sim cards.

Block fraud without adding unnecessary friction

We detect fraud upfront so you don’t need to add any friction to your legitimate users.

Avoid extra costs

Fast track genuine users at checkout without needing to add redundant security checks, such as OTP, 2FA, and reCAPTCHA.

Capture more revenue

Avoid losing revenue from overly conservative rulesets that stop genuine transactions from going through.

Increase customer loyalty

Offer higher purchase limits for non-risky users to increase average order value (AOV) and reduce time to transaction.

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