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VPN Detection for SMS Pumping

VPN Detection for SMS Pumping Fraud

If your app uses SMS for user verification or notifications, you could be vulnerable to a challenging fraud called SMS pumping. An attacker creates accounts and has SMSs sent to a premium number. You the application sending the SMS are forced to pay for the premium SMS messages, and the fraudster benefits from income the premium rate.

This problem could lead to substantial losses and potentially damage user trust.

The solution lies in detecting VPNs and proxies and implementing geo-fencing, which takes time to build. Partnering with Sardine could be the answer you’re looking for. We detect fraud from devices and user behavior, and Sardine is available as an API you can be live within as little as two weeks.

Hire the API that detects fraud

Developing an in-house fraud management solution could be a lengthy and costly endeavor. Instead, you could focus your valuable time and resources on your core business. Sardine offers a comprehensive, real-time fraud management solution that frees you from the complexities of fraud detection.

VPN/Proxy Detection

Toll fraudsters often use proxies and VPNs to mask their real IPs, making it difficult to trace their activities. At Sardine, our proprietary solution brings these hidden threats into the open. By embedding our SDK with a 1x1 pixel into your system, we can scrutinize network traffic and flag new proxies and VPNs in real-time. Plus, our database of previously known proxies and VPNs provides an extra layer of defense.

Risky Device Identification

Fraudsters often use scripts or emulators to mimic real devices, generating thousands of accounts relatively easily. Sardine's solution can differentiate between genuine and emulator devices. It can also provide insights into a device's True OS, True Browser, and True IP, giving you the upper hand in your fight against fraud.

Device Velocity Checks

Fraudsters commonly reuse devices to carry out their nefarious activities. Sardine's device velocity checks identify this pattern using hardware-based identifiers and statistical device fingerprints to prevent repeated misuse of the same device.

Anomaly Detection

Advanced techniques like ARIMA and EWMA help to pinpoint ISPs showing unusual spikes in SMS traffic. With real-time alerts to a dedicated Slack channel, you can quickly create rules to auto-block these problematic ISPs.

Do more with Sardine

Preventing SMS pumping and other types of fraud is crucial for maintaining user trust and avoiding potential financial losses. With Sardine's comprehensive, real-time fraud management solution, you can safeguard your app and users against these risks.

Interested in protecting your app with Sardine? Contact us to learn more about our platform and start your journey toward a safer digital environment.

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