Using Data to Fight Financial Crime

All risk problems are data science problems. In this report, we dig into everything you need to know about using data to fight financial crime.

Digital is helping criminals unlock new levels of growth in scams, money laundering, and financial crime. Fraud is growing 31% YoY, faster than the NASDAQ and S&P combined. 

With as many as 30% of financial services staff dedicated to compliance, companies cannot grow headcount faster than the criminals are growing their scams.

Yet we’re still spending time battling false positives with manual processes.

Standard rules and batch processes aren’t enough.

But the Fraud Squad has a superpower. 


It’s time to unleash it.


  • Real-time everything: Quality real-time data across customer interactions is key for risk management and controls. 
  • No more silos: It’s time to finally break down silos between fraud and AML teams to create a single data view of financial crime risk. That’s org design and data science combined
  • More data: We need large, clean datasets with device, transactional, and behavioral data.
  • Better AI: Everyone says they have AI, but at best, its small models and in pockets. We need better data hygiene and to do the boring foundational work to unlock the opportunity.

Can I have more details, please?

Why yes, yes you can.

Here’s a whitepaper created in partnership with our friends at FINTRAIL that is a playbook for setting up a leaner, meaner, data-driven fraud and compliance capability.

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