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BitPay Integrates with Sardine for Faster Access to Funds and Higher Limits

We're excited to announce that BitPay, a leading crypto payment provider, is partnering with Sardine to enhance the crypto buying process for their customers. This collaboration brings instant settlements for a wide range of tokens across 20+ chains, allowing for higher-value transactions across multiple payment methods.

BitPay users will benefit from this integration in several ways, such as higher transaction limits (up to $3K daily), reduced fees, and better authorization rates. With Sardine's instant ACH transfers, BitPay customer funds will be available right away and payments will go through the first time, amounting to a smoother experience for their customers.

Sardine not only supports ACH transfers but also enables card payments in over 180 countries, so this partnership will strengthen BitPay's global support for its customers.

On why BitPay chose to integrate with Sardine:

“We were impressed by Sardine's smooth on-ramp experience and its ability to provide instant settlement with higher order values. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to continually give our wallet users a smooth, flexible crypto buying experience."

– Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO

Behind the scenes, Sardine's robust fraud technology will also protect BitPay from chargeback, compliance, and legal risks. Our systems proactively manage these challenges so BitPay customers can trust that their crypto purchases are secure and seamless.

We’re eager to see how this new integration adds to BitPay’s crypto buying experience.

If you want to enable a similar experience for your users, visit our website to learn more about our Crypto On-Ramp solution or contact us today.

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Eduardo Lopez
Head of Marketing