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Sardine partners with 1inch

The new 1Inch Android wallet is adding Sardine as an on-ramp option to help users get into DeFi Safer and Faster.

Fiat is still the most accessible way to start a journey into Crypto, and 1inch views direct on-ramps as a critical part of their new wallet infrastructure.

The 1inch wallet allows users to buy, sell and hold Crypto directly with multiple decentralized exchanges.

With Sardine and its instant ACH integration, users will avoid declined transactions which happen too often when paying with cards.

Plus, ACH facilitates higher limits. If users prefer to pay with cards, Sardine also prides itself on having the highest approval rates in the industry.

This option can be chosen when selecting “Instant Bank Transfer” among Sardine payment methods.

Sardine’s payment system enables instant purchases of over 30 tokens with a total value of up to $25,000/month. And all of this comes with Sardine’s fraud detection baked in.

At Sardine, we’re excited to be a part of the journey for users directly into DeFi.

Safer, Faster.

If you want to learn more, why not contact us.

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