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Sardine’s self-care day 2022

2022 saw the first-ever Sardine Self Care Day, an initiative for all of us to step back, recharge our batteries and focus on what gives us strength for the swim ahead.

While we offer unlimited PTO with a minimum of 2 weeks of mandatory vacation, scheduling a company-wide day for wellness allows us to take a collective breath.

It started with a slack message from our CEO Soups Ranjan.

We are excited to declare November 11, this Friday, as our first company-wide “self-care” day to disconnect. It’s a day off. So no slack, emails, or communication of any type is expected (unless completely unavoidable).
There is one condition: Please be sure to return with one picture or video of what special you did for no one else but yourself!
Scheduling a company-wide wellness day allows us to take a collective breath. It’s one small way to ensure that we are and will always remain committed to the well-being of our people.

What did we get up to?

Chandni went on a winter wonderland trip —

“Self-care day = Do what you love the most = Getting lost in woods during day and capturing magical sky at night!”

Ethan fired up the new 3D Printer —

“Bought a 3D printer and printed this over the weekend”

Giula did a little sensory deprivation.

“My self care day included disconnecting entirely and my semi annually sensory deprivation float session. Highly recommended. It’s 8 inches of warm salt water in complete darkness and silence. Nice little 60 min reset for your body. If you are claustrophobic, the first time might be a little uneasy but you get used to it.”

Soups and the gang went tide-pooling — “We spent the evening tide-pooling today! I find observing the sea creatures in their own habitat, as very curative”

Sophia passed her lifeguard test! —

“I passed the life-guard pre-test today. As a sardine, I know how to swim and hope I will know how to save others soon”

Self-care is not only outdoor. Sometimes staying in the comfort of their home and indulging in their favorite food with the people who matter the most is the best way to celebrate self-care. Kazuki enjoyed breakfast from his favorite bakery.

And that’s not all! Rob and his family planned a bowling time together; Sophia passed her lifeguard test. Other Sardine’s had a 5th wedding anniversary, repotted house plants, spent time with family and friends, and recharged. One of our business heads spent time at the VA hospital, where servicemen and veterans were recovering from injuries and various health issues.

We’ve got a lot to do and an industry to change.

We’re in the fortunate position of growing rapidly in a market that needs safer, faster payments now more than ever. There’s a mountain to climb, and we’re still a relatively small team. We work hard, and we push ourselves to do more every day, but more than anything, we remember why we’re doing this.

Last year the amount scammers stole from users increased by 70% to $.14bn in the US alone. That could be your parents, grandparents, or friends. Criminals exploit the most vulnerable in society and use the financial system.

We want to be part of stopping that. With better ML, better detective work, and better solutions for Financial Institutions to stop fraud before it happens.

The passion is real.

So is the opportunity.

If you want to join in, check out our careers page here.

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