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Sardine Sponsor Bank OS Update – July 2023

Hi compliance and risk program managers experts!

We’ve been working hard to build meaningful updates to our Sponsor Bank OS and have some updates from the last month below. Please let us know if you have questions by responding to this broadcast or through your Sardine Strategic Account Manager (SAM).

New Features

Sponsor Bank OS v2: Analytics for Sponsored Programs

Banks continue accelerating their efforts in Banking-as-a-Service and embedded finance to attract deposits and net interest income (NII). But following the move by the OCC its clear they must have complete visibility and control over 3rd parties, especially in BSA/AML compliance.

Following last months launch of Sponsor Bank OS, version 2 provides more detailed analytics to track and monitor the performance of sponsored programs in their portfolio.

This feature allows customers with parent-child subaccounts to access a portfolio roll-up of analytics around core features and performance metrics. This is particularly useful for compliance risk managers who need portfolio-level oversight around partner networks or subsidiaries.

Grandparent Accounts

Sardine Grandparent Parent Child Accounts & Client Selector

Grandparent accounts now have full visibility into performance analytics for all parent and sub-accounts. We plan to add more advanced features in the coming months, such as configuring rules, setting up queues, and managing settings on sub-accounts.

Subaccount Selector

This feature allows customers leveraging parent-child relationships to view and navigate related clients’ accounts more easily and access rules, queues, and analytics on sub-accounts.

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