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Sardine Sponsor OS Updates - August 2023

Hi compliance and risk program managers experts!

We’ve been working hard to build meaningful updates to our Sponsor Bank OS and have some updates from the last month below. Please let us know if you have questions by responding to this broadcast or through your Sardine Strategic Account Manager (SAM).

New Features

1. Multi-product Selector

Sponsor Bank OS | Product Selector
Sponsor Bank OS | Product Selector

This feature allows customers to use their Sardine Login to access multiple products, including but not limited to Sardine AI (Compliance & Fraud Risk platform and Sardine Payments platforms. If you’re a Sardine Sponsor OS customer interested in Sardine’s other Risk and Payments products, reach out to your account manager.

2. Advanced Review Queues

Sponsor Bank OS | Review Queues
Sponsor Bank OS | Review Queues

This feature allows Sponsor OS customers to access Review Queue, including support for accessing sub-client hierarchies from grandparents through grandchildren — elders have visibility over their subsidiary accounts.

3. Advanced Rule Management

Sponsor Bank OS Rule Library
Sponsor Bank OS Rule Library

This feature allows Sponsor OS customers to access the Rule Library and management capabilities. Support for advanced rule management across sub-accounts includes the following Rule configurations:

  • non-inheritance (subaccounts will not inherit these rules, allowing them to be configured at a specific client level)
  • inheritance (subaccounts inherit these rules and can turn off the rules, similar to Sardine defaults)
  • enforced (subaccounts inherit these rules and cannot disable them)

In addition to these capabilities, Sponsor OS customers benefit from enhanced rule management experience, making migrating rules across clients and managing different sponsor programs easy.

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