Instant ACH

Unlock faster payments with Instant ACH

Sardine takes on the risk and provides liquidity to enable Instant ACH transfers. Offer your customers immediate access to funds, higher transaction limits, and lower fees.

Use cases

Account funding

Enable users to fund or top-up their digital wallets using their bank account. Make funds available for immediate use so customers can start transacting on your platform sooner.

Use cases

Bill payment

Allow customers to make bill payments directly from their bank accounts. Payments are processed instantly. As fast as a card payment, without the network fees.

Use cases

NFT checkout

Give customers a seamless way to purchase digital assets using their bank account. Convert more customers and offer higher transaction limits without hold times.

“We were impressed by Sardine's ability to provide instant settlement with higher order values. This partnership aligns with our commitment to continually give our digital wallet customers a smooth buying experience."

How Instant ACH works

Risk scoring

Sardine evaluates risk in real-time to assign an instant limit and hold time for additional amounts.


Sardine processes the ACH transfer or bill payment.


Sardine pre-funds the approved limit and takes on the ACH settlement risk on your behalf.


Merchant shares authorization and settlement feedback via API to optimize performance.

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