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February Payments Release Notes

Welcome to the first edition of Sardine’s Payments monthly release notes! We’re excited to share the latest updates and improvements we’ve made to our payment products. Our goal is to provide you with the best payment and crypto experience possible, and we’re committed to constantly innovating and improving our product to achieve that.

To our users, we want you to know that Sardine is doing everything in our power to make payments safe, secure, and instant. We understand that dealing with payments can sometimes be frustrating, so we’re committed to protecting you against additional fees or unnecessary friction. At Sardine, we always put you first regarding the experience.

To our clients, we know that you want a payment solution that’s flexible and easy to integrate with your existing systems. That’s why we’re focusing on enabling configurability for you while ensuring that the integration process is quick and easy. At Sardine, we have a user-first mentality, which means that our efforts to improve our product are always geared towards enhancing the experience for your customers.

February Roundup: UI Upgrade, Trade confirmation, Hedera support, and more…

Hey Sardine School! Despite February being a short month, our engineering team worked hard to ship significant updates to our product:

UI Upgrade: We’ve enhanced our user experience with a new user interface focused on making it easier and faster for users to enter personal information, add new payment methods and wallets, and view order details. Additionally, we’ve introduced more granular payment method logic, helping users to understand their options better and presenting them with the best payment method based on their location and preferences.

Trade Confirmation: We know it can be unsettling when a blockchain network takes a bit longer than usual to confirm a withdrawal, so we have added a new email we send you when we’ve made a trade on your behalf. You’ll know immediately that we’ve locked in your exchange rate and purchase amount and will get updated when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Hedera: We now support HBAR and USDC on Hedera.

And that’s not all — the team has shipped even more exciting updates this past month geared towards improving the Sardine and client integration process:

  • We’ve introduced a new order status and webhook to inform when a user has confirmed a purchase:

  • We’ve updated our parameters within our NFT checkout product:
  • We’ve removed the required expiresIn parameter
  • We’ve added the ability to configure fees
  • We’ve added a POST /v1/orders/events endpoint to update our order status with the transaction hash when the NFT has been minted or transferred:

  • We’ve added payment type and currency to our quote endpoint so that you can give a more accurate and granular quote to your users:

  • We’ve added support in our sandbox environment for non-US countries as we work towards expanding internationally. Feel free to test it out and give us a shout!


At Sardine, we are dedicated to protecting our users from scams, fraud, and other potential risks by providing robust security measures and innovative safety features:

  • We’ve updated the language in our SMS authentication to safeguard you from scammers
  • We’ve introduced a new screen dedicated to educating you on scammers and scam tactics
Protect Yourself From Scammers
  • We’ve updated our email sender name to Sardine Checkout, so you know when it’s us emailing you about a trade or withdrawal confirmation

Bug Fixes

We take the quality of our product seriously, and while we aim to minimize bugs as much as possible, we understand that they can still occur. Here’s a summary of the fixes we’ve made this month to improve your experience:

  • We fixed a bug requiring users to manually input their state when using autofill with the two-letter state abbreviation (e.g. CA). Now, it will be automatically filled in.
  • We fixed a bug where there was a recurring loop when clicking on an order within our order history.
  • We fixed some misalignment issues with our credit card and bank icons
  • We fixed an issue where Create Account was disabled even though users had all details prefilled
  • To our clients, we fixed the issue where our webhooks were firing with a missing reference ID

Thank you for choosing Sardine. We hope you enjoy the latest updates and improvements we’ve made, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the months to come. If you’d like to work with us, please contact our sales team here.

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